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Avoid a Quarantine Stache Disaster

When I was a baby Flower Broker I caught my mustache afire. It was an especially chilly night in The Bay and beards were once again functional fashion. As I was whisked away to a fantastic green dream, my stache was set aflame. Lucky to walk away with my beard intact I pledged to toke another day. 

During quarantine, like most, I’ve turned my quarantime into beard growing time. Surely some are sporting a heavy face coat and heavy passion for flower fumes right this moment. And assuming you don’t dig the smell of your flavor-savor burning, this technique will help you smell only sweet flowers and success during your next sesh.

The key is converting to a three finger technique towards the end of your roach before your bristles get burnt. The two top fingers (index and middle) protect your soup strainer while you puff away your anxiety. Lift your middle finger up more as the cherry 🍒 approaches so you don’t burn those finger tips. You’ve done it! Your beautiful stache has survived and you’re ready for Emerald Cup judging. Stay bristly my bros.