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Flower Business: Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is integral to the story of Northern California flowers. Hippies had it right when they moved to the Emerald Triangle with goals of being “one with nature”. This type of forward thinking is motivating a new generation of environmentally focused brands to integrate regenerative and sustainable methods. Rolling Stone mentioned sustainable packaging as ideas pushing the flower market forward in 2021. I spoke about sustainability recently with Legion of Bloom’s co-founder Troy Meadows.

Founded in 2014 by five Farmer friends, Legion of Bloom was built w/ sustainability at its core & recently announced a move to compostable & plastic free packaging in 2021. They’ve dedicated themselves to the worthy regenerative causes of Monarch Butterfly Habitat Restoration & Wildfire Reforestation in California and are on a mission to make “Cannabis Green Again”.

Legion of Bloom’s dedication continues at their Oakland cultivation where LED & sustainable energy are key, along with local hiring. These sustainability & equity focused fundamentals should be applauded as we vote with our money to create an industry mimicking our values. Bravo Legion of Bloom & Bravo Lakeside Remedy who was nice enough to introduce me. Collaboration & authentic connections will help us build the industry of our dream!